Credit Repair

So you’ve got bad credit. We get it — it’s absolutely no fun to have that stuff hanging over your head. It’s a huge emotional and financial drain on you and your family, it’s not something you’d wish on anyone else. But — there is some good news. Firstly, let’s get one thing out of the way — bad credit is no reflection of you as a person. Debt happens… Read More

Debt Relief

We all know what it’s like to have debt hanging over our heads. It’s like a dark, heavy cloud that won’t let us see three feet in front of us. It makes us feel stressed, it causes arguments with our favorite people, and it stops us from living the lives we deserve. Debt happens for all sorts of reasons, and we’re not here to judge anyone on why we find… Read More

Building Credit with a Credit Card

You may not realize how much of your life your credit score affects. Lenders will check your credit EVERY time you apply for a loan, including a mortgage. Not to mention, your credit score often has a direct impact on the interest rate of your loan. Potential employers and landlords might also check your credit score if you are applying for a job or attempting to rent an apartment. Building… Read More

How to Choose Your Perfect Credit Card

“Pick a card. Any card.” The only time you might want to hear these words is when a magician gives these instructions after fanning out a deck of playing cards before you. This is not, however, the advice you want to hear if you’re choosing a credit card. It is certainly not recommended to select a credit card based on a loose suggestion or because you think your mom might… Read More

4 Proven Strategies — How To Get Out of Debt ASAP

Yep, it’s time.  That debt has been hanging over your head for way too long, and you’ve decided that you’re finally going to commit to getting on top of it, once and for all. Honestly, go you!  You might have gotten that debt for a lot of reasons, whether it be medical bills, credit card debt, or just plain overspending. The point is, it doesn’t really matter how the debt… Read More

10 Signs A Credit Repair Company is a Scam – And What You Can Do

Is your credit history less than golden? Do you want to improve your credit score? Are you looking for help from a credit repair company? Well, you’ve probably seen ads claiming to “repair” your credit report or promising a “new credit identity”. Though they may seem like just the solution to getting your credit back on track, often the companies running those ads are scammers. While there are legitimate credit… Read More

What Do Banks Consider a Good Credit Score?

As many people know, credit scores are a reflection of a person’s creditworthiness. These scores are made up of a number of factor’s including a person’s payment history, credit utilization, credit history, and several others. Credit scores range from 300-850 with 300 being the worst possible score and 850 being the best possible score. Credit scores are generally separated into four categories: Bad, Fair, Good, and Excellent. The rankings for… Read More

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Living with debt can be stressful, especially when you are paying high-interest rates on credit card debt. It can feel so overwhelming that some people choose to simply stick their heads in the sand and do what they can to get by. But just imagine for a moment what it would feel like to have the burden of credit card debt lifted off your shoulders? What if you could stop… Read More

How to Make Your Money More Valuable

“Money makes the world go around.” That classic phrase is still as relevant as ever. But having enough money to make your world turn doesn’t always depend on earning it.  Putting yourself in a better financial position is also achieved by taking the right steps to improve your credit rating and free up cash each month. In fact, there are several ways you can make the money you receive go… Read More

Credit Cards

A good credit score, for better or worse, is the foundation of a healthy financial life in our modern world. If there is one thing you are going to want to have, it’s a good credit history and a good credit score. Your credit score is what banks and other lenders look at when you apply for loans for cars, homes, holidays, and all manner of other things. Even landlords… Read More